The doucet gallery

The Art

Our Concept 
Regardless of the subject we strive to achieve a style that is rustic, folk-like and, in some case even primitive. We create hanging and utilitarian items that have a timelessness about them. We use both pyrography and pyrography with water color to create one of-a-kind pieces. 
Work Surfaces 
We work on oak, ash, pine, maple, cedar and birch. This can be shingles, plywood panels, weathered lumber, ovals, slabs, scrolled frames and re-purposed furniture. Utilitarian items include gift boxes, picture frames, trays, platters, plates and larger pieces to include a re-purposed Lane hope chest, two secretaries' desks and end table. 
Subject Matter 
Our main areas are colonial life, wildlife, farm animals, hunting/fishing plants & flowers, mediaeval, and "Adirondack" styles of work. For children we do gnomes, fairies, angels, mermaids , sea shells etc. 
Finishing Touches 
All items have some type of finish on them. Tung oil is used to keep the wood looking untreated yet keep it protected; to matt, soft glow and high gloss lacquer. The number of coats depends on the wood and the desired outcome. In some cases up to 10 coats of lacquer are used. Most, but not all, gift and presentation boxes are lined in felt. Most hanging art come ready to hang. 
Un-serial numbered
While every piece, no matter the size or complexity, is hand made, some pieces and subjects are more popular than others, such as "sleeping Angel" door hangars. Because we make more of these they are not serial numbered. 
Serial numbered
These pieces include a "sequence number" that indicates how many of that item are in existence. These are usually unique more complex or larger. These are signed and dated pieces. 
One-of-a -kind originals

 Because of the material the work is done on, the subject matter, or a custom creation some items will never be duplicated.  These are serial numbered as "Original one of a kind", dated and signed. 
Request work
If you see an item in our gallery you would like as is, or perhaps on a box instead of a board, we can accommodated most requests. 
Custom work
We can do some custom work for door panel inserts, gifts with personal inscriptions, etc. We welcome inquiries from home decor retailers for special, one-of-a kind or limited production items for their stores. 
What we do not do 
In general we do not work on customer provided items, copyrighted subject matter, or subjects we feel we will not be able to accomplish to the satisfaction of both ourselves and our client. We do not make custom boxes, frames chests, etc 
We do not do any portraits of any type and we will not accept work that we feel will hurt our reputation in any way. 
Prices and Payement 
Prices range from $15.00 for small items to $1,200.00 for the secretaries'desks. 
At craft fairs we accept cash and credit cards through "square". Checks are only accepted from persons and business that we have a business history with. 
All custom work that includes subject matter that we can not otherwise remarket, or any personal inscription must be paid in advance and is not refundable for any reason. 
We are a "cottage industry" and, for now at least, for us "shipping" means meeting a client at some location to trade item for payment. In these cases we ask that you have cash or money order....square does not always work and we do not accept personal checks.